The clichéd answers to what you find most striking in other people

It’s always the shoes

We’ve all had that inexplicable crush on a random person we’ve never actually spoken to. You’re chatting to a mate and an absolute stunner walks past. Suddenly you’ve lost your train of thought and you can’t breathe properly. What is it that attracts us to them? What do we find most striking?

Lisa, 28, Freelance tailor


“I suppose in general the way they look so their face and maybe their dress sense.”

Ben, 24, Tailor


“Um, their clothes and how they’re dressed.”

Elina, 26 and Jotty, 27, Students at uni in Germany


“Her eyes.”

“His clothes.”

Charlotte, 25, Waitress

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“Probably their dress sense. Oh, and shoes. Always shoes.”

Nia, 19, Fashion student at Kingston


“His smile.”

Louis and Lucy, 21, Students at Hertfordshire

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“His shoes.”

“I guess it would be the eyes.”

Ananda, 26, Graphic Designer and Julia, 25, Project Manager

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“I notice eyes and facial features.”


Lucy, 18 and Julian, 19, Gap year students

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“Honestly, probably her body.”

“Um, what they’re wearing I guess.”

Syeda and Zara, 17, Students

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“His hair.”

“Um probably his smile.”

Cynthia, 34, Marketing and Sales

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“Smile, definitely a smile.”

Bella, 18, Student at Goldsmiths and Mia, 18, Student at St Martins

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“I don’t know…his humour?”

“Yeah, his personality.”

Zana and Chris, 19, Students, University of Surrey

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“Oh my god, I actually do not know how to answer that question. Probably his haircut actually.”

“Her shoes.”

Simon, 38, Student, Queen Mary’s

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“It’s a bit of a cliché but it’s the eyes for me.”