Tinie Tempah wants to help you find a job

He’s such a good bloke

Not content just raving with the freshers, Tinie Tempah wants to help grads find work and give them cash.

The Pass Out rapper will be offering to pick up the cost of a shiny new suit, travel expenses to interviews, subsidised hotel stays and will even help to arrange work experience, all through his new charity.

Despite not going to uni, it turns out Tinie feels bad for jobless grads.


He told The Sunday Times: “Some are doing law, some are doing sociology — pretty good subjects — but in terms of finding work afterwards it is not happening.

“It’s so much more difficult to create these opportunities for young people unless you know someone who works in a big company.

“I am seeing that among the young people I know, so I have taken it upon myself to set up a charity to try to help them get the breaks.”

Tinie reckons the overcrowded job market is denying students a decent future.

He said: “Are we at risk of having a lost generation? I don’t see why not.

“The generation of millennials is what they call it and, yes, it does seem scary.

“Students are so bogged down in debt from university. They cannot get a job straight away that they are qualified for.”


The rapper’s parents might have inspired him, but now he wants to inspire us.

“If I ever needed £10 to get on the train or to go to an audition, I could ask my mum or dad, but not everyone is in that situation.

“I’m good friends with Lewis Hamilton and footballers and actors, and I know if they had not had support networks, they might not have been able to do what they are doing because it was expensive.”

And even though he launched his career on the internet, Tinie thinks we’re spending a bit too much time online.

“I’d encourage youngsters to get up and go out a little bit more. The more powerful the internet becomes, the more inclined people are to say, ‘YouTube is all you need, Instagram is all you need to make it.’”


But this is not the first time Tinie Tempah has got involved in uni life.

Back in 2013 the rapper toured a few unis around the country, admitting he just wanted to “rave with the freshers”.

He played secret gigs at Trent, Leeds and Surrey Universities.

Tinie is expected to reveal more details of his grad job charity later this month.