What’s the worst excuse you’ve given to miss a night out?


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You can admit it: you might be the ultimate party person, but sometimes you’re just really not up for it.

But do you give a shameless, obviously-a-lie excuse, or weave a complicated web of lies?

Charlotte, 20, student at University of the Arts


“I fell asleep while eating pizza. I had an allergic reaction to it and everyone went out without me. I was knocked out for like an hour.”

Angus, 20, student at University of the Arts


“I once said I had to cat sit to get out of a night out.”

Sanne, 28, Account manager and Corrine, 26, Recruiter


Sanne (left) and Corinne (right)

Sanne: “In Holland we ride bikes everywhere, so you can easily say your tyre is flat so you can’t go anywhere. It’s not the best excuse because we have trams and taxis, so I haven’t used it very often. I also really enjoy nights out though.”

Corrine: “I’ve said I’ve had a headache before, but the flat tyre line is much better.”

Avie, 18, Fashion intern

“I sometimes say my mum said no without even asking her.”

Ben, 22, Waiter


“I once said I had to clean my room. It was a state and my girlfriend was coming round, but I actually did it. My mates called me a lazy cunt and a poor excuse of a lad because of it.”

Alex, 22, Careers advisor


“My worst excuse has been my electric’s gone so I can’t iron my clothes. I tell my mates I can’t come out without ironing.”

Eliot, 19, Sport and Exercise Science student



“My usual excuse is I don’t answer my phone and let it ring out when I don’t want to go out. I’ll get like 20 missed calls. My mates know me for it now.”

Liam, 22, Graphic designer for Hype


“I usually pretend I’m ill or something and just go and see a bird because you don’t want your mates to know your skankin them for a bird. If I’m sick they’ll try and force me and tell me to drink through it, and it does actually work.”

Amelia, 21, Personal trainer and part time model


“One I use pretty often is I have work the next day, when I don’t really. The other day I got caught out though – I forgot I had told my friends I had work and I went out anyway. I’ve also pretended I’m ill and carried it through the next day.”

Lucy, 19, student at Newcastle Uni


“I pretend I’m skint all the time if I don’t want to go out, my friends don’t mind though I don’t think.”