Prisons were invented for girls who teapot in photos

I can’t be the only one who doesn’t get it


In millennia to come, historians will discuss the power of the Romans, the cruelty of Mao and Hitler, the intellectual ferocity of Plato and Hawking. But much like the pyramids, they’ll be perplexed at the nature of teapotting. Why the fuck do girls do it?

Don’t they realise they look like 1950s air hostesses with severe bowel problems? Are they trying to heighten their physical presence through the baring of muscular arms? There doesn’t seem to be any reason for doing this pose. What goes through these girls’ heads? Imagine: they’ve just finished their pre-drinks, they’re happy and fulfilled, ready to dance and the taxi is just outside.

“Oh wait guys, before we leave, we’ve just GOT to get a photo of us with our elbows pointing perversely at the camera, as we throw our heads back and look like the village idiot of centuries gone by.”

There’s also something about that tilted head that says, “Look, we don’t understand what fire is used for, but look how cute we are!” It’s all weirdly childish, a hark back to a time when they were toddlers and could get away with looking adorable. You needn’t be reminded that it’s the same time when shitting on the floor was socially acceptable.

If you don’t believe me, have a look – I dare you.


My first time trying teapotting





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