Looking for summer work experience? Apply to become a national Tab journalist

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Do you want to write for millions of readers this summer? We’re recruiting national Tab journalists, Tab foreign correspondents and Tab investigative reporters to get involved over the holidays.

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We are the irreverent voice of three million students. Our journalists cover news that matters to students (that means no premiership football, national politics, or film reviews) and do proper leave-your-bedroom reporting. Most importantly, they don’t take themselves too seriously.

Our reporters have already got 95 Tab scoops into the national papers so far this year. Last year, our Jeremy Kyle pepper spray story made the front page of The Sun.

Our average article gets 5,500 readers, so if you want to write the stories that everyone talks about, there’s nowhere better.

To apply to become a national Tab journalist this summer, fill in this form and pitch us an article idea. We will be in touch within 24 hours to get you started on your first article.



It’s the summer and everyone’s havin’ it large. As well as being able to write for our national site over the summer, we’re looking for reporters on the ground in each of your holiday and festival destinations.

Whether you’re in Thailand, Magaluf or Glasto, if you’re ready to respond quickly, report back on things happening that may be a good story, or even take lots of classic pictures and videos, then get in touch here and become one of our Tab foreign correspondents for 2015.



Our Investigations Unit breaks killer exclusives and keep Tabs on the powers above.

Are you a determined reporter, not afraid to get their hands dirty and do some digging into topics we care about? Who’s donating to your uni with a murky past? Is there a secret extremist group on campus? Is your club watering down the booze?

If you think you’re up to being a Tab investigative reporter, fill in this form, tell us what you want to investigate, and we’ll be in touch.



“Recognition by The Tab is a great indication of a young journalist’s potential.”
The Sunday Times 

“The Tab are great because they combine brilliant professional support and education, with a voice which students enjoy and relate to. I have hired Tab journalists and taken them on work experience, because they are always prepared for the demands of online news”
– Luke Lewis, Editor, BuzzFeed UK

“They turn aspirational students into talented journalists who do proper, original reporting for their peers. Tab journalists start with the interests of their readers, and make sure they cover the news students care about, in a style they want to read”
– The Telegraph

“If there is story buzzing around campus The Tab is always ahead of the game: a source to watch”
– Geordie Greig, Editor, Mail on Sunday

“The whole paper is awesome, give them a read. I am a new reader and already a devoted fan.”
– Louise Mensch

“The Tab is an exciting way for students to become journalists. The Sun has benefited from Tab staff coming in to work in our offices, and from stories gathered from the impressive Tab network. The Tab proves that the hunger for tabloid journalism is alive and well across the generations.”
– David Dinsmore, Editor, The Sun

“Recognition by The Tab is a great indication of a young journalist’s potential. Students who have worked on The Tab will have a head start on their CV.”
– Maurice Chittenden, Sunday Times Saturday editor

“The Tab taught me to think for a digital reader, the importance of proper investigations, and to value quality over hits (most of the time)”
– Ellie Pithers, Fashion Writer, The Daily Telegraph and former Tab Editor

“Running a Tab newspaper at uni, aside from being a lot of fun, taught me how to source great stories and cover the stuff that really matters to students. It set me apart from others when applying for work placements and also meant I had plenty to say about my own experiences and stories in interviews. The Tab was the best thing I did at uni and I know I wouldn’t be in this position had I not been involved with The Tab.”
– Rhian Lubin, The Daily Mirror

If you want to write for us, send us your idea here and we will call you to chat about your article.