Graduating this summer? This is how much you’re going to earn

If you’re doing English you might as well give up now

Economists will be laughing into their cold spreadsheets as they are set to earn the highest salaries after graduation. 

New data on your subject’s expected salaries has just been released and Economics has come on top with a hefty £45,000 within five years of leaving uni.

Greedy lawyers come second, pocketing £42,000, followed by mathematicians earning an average £39,000.

The lowest paid subjects are Philosophy, racking up £32,000, English, on £31,000 and Media on £27,000.

At the bottom of the pile, impoverished Fine Art and Design grads can expect just £25,000.


Smarmy lawyers are going to earning a fortune

Today’s stats, compiled by salary comparison site Emolument, show a massive pay gap for different subjects — if you do Economics, you could earn 80 per cent more than Fine Art grads.

The survey also found your most likely career path depending on your subject.

Those who do Business, Finance and Maths are obviously more likely to go into high-powered jobs in financial services.

But historians and geographers? Straight into charity.

Check out your future salary below.

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