What’s your subject’s favourite position?

Chemists love the missionary position

The amount of sex you have and the position in which you have it is directly related to your social standing — that’s obvious.

Which is why we ranked your subject’s favourite position, using brand new data from our landmark sex survey filled out by 11,549 students.

In keeping with the nation’s favourite — doggystyle — over 36 per cent of those who do Business, Sociology and Art prefer this position above all others.

Chemists, vet scientists and dentists prefer it the least as just over 25 per cent preferred it, compared to a national average of 33 per cent.

Doggystyle subject

In keeping with their reserved sexual behaviour, chemists’ favourite position is missionary with a 27 per cent ranking, followed by 26 per cent of medics and 25 per cent of those doing Education.

Compare that to a 23 per cent national average.

Missionary subject

Cowgirl was the most popular among dentists (33 per cent), classicists (29) and engineers (27), stacked up against a national average of 25 per cent.

See where your subject stands below.Cowgirl subject