Bae breaks the bank: Being single is £2,300 cheaper a year

If you’re loved up you’re losing out

Dates, presents, flowers and even more flowers when you forget your anniversary – being in a relationship can be expensive.

A new study has suggested having a boyfriend or girlfriend will set you back an extra £2,340 per year than being single.

The research found those who had a partner splash out £1,003 every month, compared to the £808 spend of a loveless loner.


Nearly half of those with a partner drop cash on eating meals out, while just over a third of single people say the same – according to the survey from 

Forget getting ripped to pull in the club, apparently only eight per cent of singletons pay for a gym membership compared to 15 per cent of those who were off the market.


Only one in seven thought being part of a couple was cheaper than going solo, and just a third thought they spent more while single.

With Christmas, Valentine’s and birthdays, a fifth of singletons thought they’d spend less because they’d get away with not buying expensive gifts.

Nerys Lewis from said: “The question of what is better for your bank balance – being single or in a relationship – will always divide opinion.”


It looks like even long distance can empty your wallet too.

Last year, one particularly wet bloke ordered pizza, champagne, flowers and even a serenading violinist for his student girlfriend.

All just to make his Skype date extra special.

Some say it with roses, others with chocolate, but that’s certainly one way to peak your overdraft.