This 16-year-old girl has two MAs and is studying for a PhD

Whippersnapper Harvard grad has achieved more than you could ever dream of

At 16, most of us were finishing up GCSEs, drinking in the park and trying to blag our way into grotty nightclubs.

But not content with being Britain’s youngest PhD student, Eugenie de Silva has just picked up her second MA in legal studies at age 16 – from Harvard University of all places.

The self-confessed nerd, originally from Manchester, graduated from one of the world’s best unis this week with a masters in legal studies – and she’s not even old enough to drive yet.


Really making us feel like low-life underachievers for struggling with our dissertations, Eugenie said: “It was quite easy.”

She told The Times: “The only difficulty was the fact that I had to travel every week from my home in Tennessee to Boston. My long-term dream is to become the Secretary of Defence.”

Annoyingly, brainiac Eugenie has a glowing CV, we’d all be jealous of.

At 14 she got a bachelor’s degree in intelligence analysis from the American Military University.

Just a year later at 15 she got her first masters in intelligence studies from the same place, before starting a politics PhD at the University of Leicester, where she does most of her studying online.


Eugenie pictured with her dad Eugene, a professor of physics and chemistry

But don’t feel too guilty about going out to get absolutely obliterated this week. Eugenie thinks striking a balance between a social life and studying is important too.

“I have always believed this,” she told the Boston Glove. “So I have friends who are my age and I do take part in normal social activities.

“I simply balance my life, so that I can excel academically at a faster pace than is the norm.”

In an interview with Leicester University, Eugenie said she didn’t think there was too much pressure, despite being at such a young age.

“Well, isn’t it true that “there ain’t no rest for the wicked?” Just joking. All my pursuits have been enjoyable, since I truly have a passion for intelligence studies.

“This is why I encourage people to pursue what they love, since it will make work feel fun and less stressful.”

Eugenie - 250

Eugenie – not graduating for a change

She added: “The common reaction that I receive is shock or disbelief, since it is considered out of the norm.

“Some individuals even jokingly demand proof of my achievements. For me, it is a normal part of my life, but I can understand why individuals may find it odd.

Unfortunately this isn’t the first time we’ve been completely outdone by child boffins.

Child prodigy and pro-piano tinkler, the appropriately named Curtis Elton got a music degree from Trinity College London earlier this year.

Most people don’t even start uni until they’re 18, but at that age Gabrielle Turnquest had not only graduated, but also became a trained lawyer.