How does each subject deal with their body hair?

We ranked each one

Body hair was a raw topic last week as Liverpool fresher Yasmin Gasimova revealed she doesn’t shave at all

We know the rankings of which uni shaves the least: Oxbridge prefers the natural look above all others — but what about subjects?

Using new data from the 11,549 students who filled out our sex survey, we determined a ranking of each course and how they keep their pubic hair.

The hairiest subjects are Physics, Computer Science and Philosophy as over 12 per cent of them don’t shave their pubes, way over the national average of seven per cent.

The least popular subjects for unshaven pubes are Education, History of Art and Dentistry with just over five per cent each.

Unshaven subject

Trimmed pubes are most popular among engineers, computer scientists and physicists, all scoring over 59 per cent.

The national average for well-kempt pubes is 46 per cent.

Subject trimmed pubes

And the clean shaven look is the favourite for those doing Education, Sociology and English — up against a national average of 38 per cent.

Subject no pubes