Does sex make you more productive?

We asked an expert

Having sex could be preventing girls from being productive in exam season – but for men it might be the key to success.

Experts say sexual acitivity can act as a great stress release during revision – but men will look to do it more.

Women are generally better at handling their workload and having sex or masturbating can be a distraction and stop them from concentrating.

But for guys, the more relaxed they feel the better they are at receiving information.

Sex therapist Peter Saddington at Relate told The Tab: “Getting rid of the build up and pent up aggression, when you ejaculate or orgasm, can make you more relaxed and take in more information.

“Generally, it’s more likely to be men that notice having sex makes them feel relaxed and therefore more engaged and better at receiving information.

“Men could potentially see it as a stimulant to being more productive. While they may look to it as a more enjoyable distraction, it does help them in the long run.

“Women are generally more comfortable in their information and better at concentrating on revision. Stereotypically, for them sex may be a distraction and they notice they have to switch off what they’re doing.

“They will struggle to get back to concentrating and having sex disrupts what they’re doing.”

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Women may use sex as a reward at the end of a long day revising in the library – stopping them from letting in distract them when they’re studying.

But men produce testosterone while they sleep which helps productivity. Morning are the best time for young men to productive so the best time for any sexual activity is the evening.

Women can use sex to gift themselves or even hook up before a long slog in the library.

Relate man Peter said: “For guys, testosterone is produced overnight, and it’s one of the hormones that help to be more productive. Morning times you’re going to be more productive, so have sex at night.

“For women it’s not exactly the reverse. It’s the concept that if you’re preoccupied you might be better having sex first thing then you can get on with the day. Or it might be a reward afterwards.”

However Peter did stress the results may vary from person to person, and you should at least experiment with sex rather than think it won’t work for you.

Our bodies are programmed to fight or flight when reacting to certain situations. Highly charged individuals who thrive in deadline season and when studying for exams, or fight, may find sex becomes a distraction, making you feel drained, or will use it as a reward after the day has ended.

For any anxious students, sexual activity with a partner or on your own may help allay nerves and digest information better.

He said: “Masturbation and sex is a stress relief, men will do it more but it’s not unique to them.

“It’s a good thing to say don’t rule it out. If you’re struggling with revision it’s worth thinking it might help. Experiment, if it does help make more use of it.

“If it doesn’t, then at least you know you’re not missing out.”