Handsome boys more likely to get away with cheating, says news study 

Keep an eye on your guy this goldrush

If you’re good looking, you’re far more likely to get away with behaving badly, says new research.

Good looks “help men get away with being bad”, according to experts at Eastern Kentucky University who tested 170 women’s perceptions of men.

They discovered lads with more handsome faces are more likely to be tolerated, even when they misbehave away from home.


Apparently people are turned on to positive characteristics, such as good looks, and this alters how their future behaviour is seen.

Clearly unaware of the types of people who still play shoot ’em up video games, psychologists are calling it the “Halo Effect” when people warm up to positive characteristics


On the other end of the scale, fugly chaps are assumed to be badly behaved.

Psychologists showed their female test subjects two pictures of men, one dashingly handsome and one ugly.

They then linked each picture to a made-up scenario. In one, the man asked to borrow a pen.

In the other, they randomly approached the woman and asked to take her photograph.


After they asked to borrow a pen, the men were viewed as equal by the women – their attractiveness didn’t change the situation.

But after they intrusively asked to take a photograph, the attractive man was not deemed to have done anything wrong, while the ugly man was deemed to have crossed a boundary.

Researcher Jeremy Gibson said: “The unattractive male is tolerated up to a point, his unattractiveness is ok until he misbehaves.”