The results are in: Here are the best of your best bums

This is a win for democracy


They’re better than the bums in your house, they’re better than the bums in your uni, they’re better than the bums in your town.

You voted in your hundreds, and chose wisely, picking Geoffrey from Exeter and Betty from Trent as your best boy and girl glutes respectively.


Betty, studying Astrology at Nottingham Trent, got a massive 862 votes, taking a huge 39 per cent majority.

Bummed out Gwendoline, a Quantum Physics student from Leeds, was forced to scoot into second place with 206 votes and a nine per cent majority.


Less of you cared about the boys’ butts – only 1,235 of you voted for your favourite compared to a massive 2,215 for the girls – but Geoffrey from Exeter still managed to sashay into first place.


Ocean Sustanability student Geoff took nearly a quarter of the votes and was the fave for 284 of you.

Poor Bartholomew from Aberdeen was forced to accept second place, with a respectable 174 votes for his glutes.


Congratulations to all our winners. You have a gift – thank you for sharing your gift with the world.