Which uni shave their body hair the least?

Where do you rank on our pube index?

Well-heeled Oxbridge poshos are the most likely to keep a wild bush, according to our sex survey.

We quizzed 11,549 students on their sex habits and now we can reveal just how each uni deals with their pubes.

Over 16 per cent of Oxford and Cambridge respondents said they had a natural look, making them the hairiest unis in the UK.

Leeds Beckett, Reading and Northumbria have the lowest number of unshaven pubes, barely scraping over two per cent.

The national average is seven per cent.

See where your uni stands — and check out our article by Liverpool fresher Yasmin Gasimova about why she doesn’t shave her body hair at all.

Natural pubes

Over 55 per cent of those at Bath, Cambridge and Plymouth said they trimmed their pubes, ranking against a 46 per cent national average.

Trimmed pubes

When it came to a totally shaven look, more than 52 per cent of those at Leeds Beckett, Nottingham Trent, Sussex and Edinburgh Napier had no pubes at all.

The national average for this style is 38 per cent.

No pubes