Which is the druggiest county in the UK?

Somerset is apparently full of drug fiends

Drugs — everyone’s at it, smearing grainy mixtures into their aching gums and lodging gritty powders up their fizzing nostrils.

But where in the UK is doing it the most? We grilled the 8000 students who filled out or narco-survey and can now reveal which the druggiest counties in the country.

Unsurprisingly London scores the highest as 78 per cent of respondents said they had tried illegal drugs before, next to Greater Manchester and Somerset, of all places.

East Sussex, Herefordshire and Oxfordshire follow with more than 75 per cent.

The cleanest counties we found were Lincolnshire, Durham and Fife — ranking last as just over 53 per cent admitting to taking drugs.

The national average for having dabbled with narcs is 70 per cent.

See where your county ranks below. Unfortunately some entry-level regions like Gwynedd County, West Glamorgan and Rutland had to be omitted due to a lack of response.

Drug counties

This comes after our survey found the druggiest uni to be Manchester, which is also the capital for MDMA, coke and ketamine.

Bristol stoners are the home of weed and NOS, while Sussex takes the crown for mushrooms, LSD and mephedrone.

The druggiest subjects are History of Art, Business and English, all of which have at least a 76 per cent drug-tried rating.