We asked these grads what their biggest regret at uni was

No regrets, no point in crying over yesterday

Reaching middle age must be an endless string of minor defeats and dead-eyed regrets. They must look back to their lives at uni with nostalgia and sadness, numbly recounting their highs and lows.

This is our future, embrace it.

Janine, 31, Southampton


“My biggest regret was probably starting my degree in Nottingham. I hated it so dropped out and started again in Southampton. I have no regrets from Southampton though.”

Debbie (left), 54, Manchester & Cambridge


“I only graduated five years ago and I absolutely loved my time at uni as it was something I didn’t get to do when I was younger. I have no regrets whatsoever.”

Adam, 29, UEA


“I had a really good time at uni, but my biggest regret is probably not going to enough lectures because I got a 2:1 without really trying.”

Rachel, 25, Manchester 

DSC_0243_opt (1)

“My biggest regret is probably choosing the wrong course. I should’ve thought through my choices more and options after university, because I did Embroidery and I don’t sew at all anymore. I do visual merchandising so I can still be creative but it’s a shame really.”

Rob, 20, Cardiff 


“I have no regrets at all. I love uni.”

Sarah, 34, Germany


“I chose the complete wrong thing to study as I did Politics and I’m now a cultural journalist in Belgium. It all worked out alright though in the end.”

April, 21, Bournemouth


“I could’ve put more effort into my assignments, I didn’t really try as hard as I could have.”

Melissa, 24, Manchester


“I wish I had got more work experience while I was at uni, because I studied Psychology but wanted to do Occupational Therapy, so I had to do a year out and work in care first before I could go on to do what I really wanted.”

Ross, 27, Surrey 


“I would have liked to have done a different course. I did Economics but would have done a more sports related course because I love sports. I was on the basketball and rugby teams but that was it.”

Patrick, 20, Kingston


“I regret not being very sociable. Because I’m from round here, I just hung out with all of my mates I already knew, I didn’t really make any more friends from my course. I didn’t join any clubs or anything either.”