Ranked: The legal high hotspots around the UK

Who is top of the poppers?

Northumbria and Liverpool are officially huffing the most poppers in the country according to our drug survey.

Answered by 8000 students, our stoner study revealed the legal high capitals all over the UK.

And chuckling their way to first place for laughing gas are Bristol, where it’s the most popular law-abiding drug – with a staggering 93 per cent of students having guzzled NOS.

What’s more, their neighbors at UWE are also lovers of an artificially induced sense of humour, with only eight per cent claiming they had never taken the high.


But “Hippy Crack”, as the media are now hyping it, appears to be a very English kind of narco.

Strathclyde, Abderdeen and Belfast don’t like breathing in the balloons that got Raheem Sterling in the Liverpool naughty corner, coming last for laughing gas in our extensive survey.

But it’s not just poppers and NOS getting us buzzed.

Other legal highs – including Salvia, MXP and magic pills also proved proved popular in our poll.

Aberdeen came up as the UK capital for trying something new kinds of narcs, with Newcastle stumbling in not far behind.


The results are based on our 2015 drug survey, where respondents were quizzed on what they had taken and how often they had taken it.

Laughing gas was by far the nation’s favourite legal high, with 77 per cent of students across the country admitting to having tried the drug.

With only 36 per cent confessing to taking poppers, it proved much less popular – though they still love it up in Northumbria with nearly three fifths of students getting involved.

Liverpool stormed into second place, where 51 per cent of students had taken the corner shop drug.

This comes as a surprise for the UK’s apparent capital of legal highs Lincoln.

Their popper consumption was distinctly average at 36 per cent, proving students aren’t believing the hype and are getting tanked elsewhere.


For drugs of a more illegal nature, Manchester was revealed to be the undisputed champion in our cross-uni survey.

The Northern powerhouse knocked Leeds off it’s throne as the biggest MDMA dabbers in the country, and they’re also top for ket and coke.

Not content with just being leaders for laughing gas, Bristol are also the biggest weed lovers too.