Dating advice from the most sought after single students in the UK

Always two kisses

They walk past you in the library and you can smell their golden aura before you see them. Your jaw drops, along with dozens of others, as they reach to grab  off the top shelf, revealing their defined inguinal lines beneath a striped Ralph Lauren shirt.

They’re always in conversation with the upper echelons of big names and never photograph badly. They’re the most fancied students in the UK, according to dating app Happn where users can send a charm to people they walk past if they want to get their attention.

Annie, Will, Jack, Ellie and Arthur are counted as the most sought after, boasting over 1,200 between them.

They revealed what makes them so in-demand and how you can boost your chances increasing your copulate count before the year is out.

Annie Robinson, 19, King’s College London

Annie, with typical American gusto brushes the dust off her shoulders, as she says: “I’ve got 645 charms. I’m quite honoured. I’ve been on about four or five dates from that.”

The business second year from Boston stands at six foot, admitting this can put guys off.

“I’m six foot tall so most find me intimidating. I have dated a shorter guy though, he made me feel like a supermodel.

“I love London. I got involved in a ghetto boxing ring in south London that was fun. I had a weird experience on Valentine’s Day – two homeless people pushing a pram asked me to help fill it.

“But British guys are far better at talking to girls than in the states. Plus frat parties are really stupid.”


Annie not only prefers British men, but ones with confidence that aren’t afraid to lay their cards on the table.

“You should have pictures of you in interesting places. No selfies and definitely no sedated tigers – they look stupid.

“Greet a girl with two kisses. Hugs are a bit personal and friendly.

“My ideal date wouldn’t be dinner – it’s boring. Go to a market, buy food and cook it. Get chocolate for dessert. Then maybe cuddle with some wine after.”

While boys should be smart, girls should feel free to tone it down a little. And there’s nothing forward about getting too drunk on the first date.

She added: “I’m a naughty child. I like tattoos – I have one on my back that says ‘what a life’.

“Jewellery is good, piercings are not. A little bit of beard is hot but nothing too hipster, it looks stupid.”


Will Charlesworth, 21, Newcastle

While Will has just a fraction of the charms of Annie and Ellie with only 15. Men are more forward, Will says, and less concerned with failing.

“Girls aren’t so forward. The biggest thing for me is confidence, thinking you have nothing to lose and just mesagging them and asking for a drink. Just to have the confidence to ask out.

“Be confident, guys find it just as attractive being approached by a girl. There’s no point playing games. People are too concerned with failure, people are scared of it but you can always move on.”

At 6″1, the third year from Bath will start officer training at Sandhurst once he graduates.

“It sort of helps – it can definitely impress people.

The History finalist has been on a handful of dates, but misjudged the situation once when the girl brought her friend.

“I did once invite someone for coffee, and she brought her friend. That was slightly weird.”

unnamed (5)

Along with confidence, women should be comfortable on dates according to the future officer.

“We’d go out for drinks, pre meal, a few gin and tonics. Maybe go to a restaurant and have supper and maybe have a few drinks after if it goes well.

“I usually go for a G & T as everyone likes it, most of the girls would drink wine. A bottle of wine is good for dinner, it’s more of a connection when you’re sharing.

“I’m quite a smart person, nice pair of shoes, shirt. jacket probably too far.

“For the girl it depends, nice pair of jeans, a nice top, i’m not overly bothered as long as long as they’re comfortable. But not too much denim, I’d be a bit offended if I’m taking them out for a nice time.”

And in answer to the age old quandary: “Always greet a girl with a slight hug and two kisses.”

will c happn 2

Jack Petts, 19, Leeds

“Don’t go the cinema, it’s the same old thing. What’s the point when you can have cuddles and Netflix.”

The International Business fresher warns both women and men not to take themselves too seriously.

“I prefer brunettes – especially in Leeds. In Leeds there is an endless amount of blondes. It’s 60:40 ratio of women to men in Leeds. It’s the reason I chose to go here. Apparently it used to be 70:30.”


Despite his hatred for the cinema, Jack suggests drinks and dinner if you think there’s a connection.

“Be easy to talk to, funny, have a dry sense of humour. You don’t want anything too deep on the first date. It’s off putting if you’re serious and talk about serious topics. No family problems – but you can talk about your pets.

“Girls are intimidated to come up to guys, but l think confidence is a massive thing. It’s definitely up to the guy. If a girl came up to me, I wouldn’t expect it.”

Jack, who is 6″1 and from Hertfordshire, admits to using terrible chat up lines, but confesses they’re just ice breakers.

“The worst I’ve used was: ‘There’s a huge sale in my bedroom, clothes 100% off.’ Or worse still: ‘Is your name Wi-Fi, because I’m feeling a connection.’

“Sometimes you don’t get  a reply, sometimes it’s similarly corny. Any reply is better than no reply – even if it’s a put down.”

jack petts

Ellie Fox, 19, Central St. Martins

The most charmed student on Happn, Ellie Fox swans around Soho when she’s not studying Architecture.

“I’ve sent about 20 charms, most by accident, but I have 662, which is a bit strange.

“Girls are too scared to charm guys they like. If you get a match, meet up as soon as possible. It’s hard to keep a proper conversation going. There’s nothing I hate more than small talk.”

At 5″7 and with short blonde hair, Ellie’s pet hate is being mistaken for Miley Cyrus.

“You get a fair few people approach you on Oxford Street, shouting ‘Miley Cyrus! Miley Cyrus!’ because of my short blonde hair. Girls don’t like being compared to a celebrity.

“On my worst date, I ended up paying the full bill, he just didn’t get his card out or offer to split. Then afterwards he tried to kiss me – the bill came to £80!

“Another time I realised I really didn’t like him. So I went to a restaurant and ordered the messiest food there was – and ate like a slob to put him off me. I couldn’t bring myself to tell him. He was making jokes but I think it made him more persistent.”


Ellie’s dream date is a far cry from the usual drinks and dinner.

“I’m a massive adrenaline junky, the sort of things you wouldn’t think of. I’d love to go zorbing on a date.

“You should be spontaneous, maybe dinner, but things you wouldn’t do with your mates. I’ve always wanted to go on a golfing date.”


Ellie likes her men tall, dark, handsome and smart, but says their footwear is the real giveaway.

“Shoes are huge for me. It highlights if he’s a creative guy or just really boring.

“A guy should be open minded and confident – don’t be afraid to ask a girl out in a bar. I’ve never been asked out in a bar.

“Be a gent – follow the kind of traditional vibe. Try not to spit when you’re talking. I had a date that spat every minute, it was disgusting.

“Try and be a bit physical – hand on their back as you open doors for them, stop them walking in front of cars.

“When you meet them give them two kisses – hug are a bit weird.”

Arthur Bryan, 21, Edinburgh

“Dating apps are naturally geared towards men approaching girls, so I’m not surprised I have a fraction of the charms.”

History finalist Arthur has been single for five months, but admits he has a weakness for blondes.

“I’d say I has one really successful date. We knew each other before, but the app let us meet up.

“It should always be something more interesting than drinks, like an art gallery and maybe a sleepover.

“I like to find out about people rather than just buy into the abyss of single people.”

unnamed (29)

The polo player from Surrey thinks cheesy chat up lines can work as good ice breakers.

“The worst I’ve used was: ‘Why don’t you come sit on my lap and we’ll see what comes up’. It normally gets a laugh.

“I had one date date, where we said we’d meet later in a club. But I never saw her until I was getting another girl’s number. There were quite a few stoney faces, but we’re friends now.”

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