Revealed: The gayest subjects

Art is high up there

Art, English and Languages are the gayest subjects, according to the results of our sex survey. 

We quizzed 11,549 students in a poll about their sex lives and can reveal the least straight subjects, based on the number of bi, gay and lesbian responses.

Art takes the lead as the gayest course with 15 per cent identifying as anything but straight, followed by English, Languages, Physics and Philosophy all at 13 per cent.

This makes the straightest courses Business, Engineering and Economics, coming in at just over four per cent.

The national average for being gay at uni is 10 per cent.

Gayest subject

New stats from our sex survey also found the gayest uni is UEA, where 20 per cent of students said they were big, gay, or lesbian — double the national average.

Cambridge was a close second at 18 per cent and UCL at 17 per cent.

Cardiff and Oxford Brookes were the universities with the smallest gay population, at a miserable four per cent.