We asked graduates how much debt they’re in now they’ve left uni

‘I don’t even want to look at it, it’s around £50,000’

You’re stuck in the library, disillusioned with your degree with that nine grand a year hanging over your head.

It could be worse, you could be these guys. Lets be honest, you probably will be these guys.

We pounded the streets of London to find out how much these gloomy graduates still owe since leaving uni.

Alex, 30, Manchester Met


“I’ve not paid off my debt but I have no idea how much I have left to pay. It’s just kind of there.”

Iona, 22, Bath school of Management and Abi, 27, Arts Ed


Iona: “I’m dreading paying mine off, I don’t even want to look at it, it’s around £50,000.”

Abi: “I’m really lucky I don’t have any debt, I didn’t have to borrow too much.”

Ana-Maria, 28, Italy


“It wasn’t too expensive for me in Italy so I’ve already paid it off.”

Phil, 30, Sunderland 

phil sunderland_opt (1)

“I’ve been paying it off for a while and I’ve only got around £2,000 left.”

Charles, 29, UCL


He’s crying on the inside

“I was at uni for nine years because I did a masters and then a PhD, so I’ve still got a debt of around £40,000.”

Max, 25, Goldsmiths


“I haven’t started paying it off yet but I’ve got around £29,000 worth of debt.”

Fred, 28, Sussex 


“I don’t know exactly how much because it just comes out of my account but I know I’ve got less than £1,000 left to go.”

Emma, 27, Leeds 


“I know I borrowed over £20,000 and I’m currently paying £150 a month. I know I’ve got around £16 to 17,000 left.”

Tamsin, 25, Warwick 


“I am bad at following how much debt I’ve got but I know I have just finished paying it off. I pay off a big chunk when I get my bonus but I was lucky because I went to uni before it got too expensive.”

Haavard, 25, Cass Business School


“I am from Norway but studied here and because of that I have £40,000 worth of debt.”

Alex, 23, studied in France and the US 


“I have no uni debts because my parents paid for it all for me.”

Peter, 23, Portsmouth 


“I’m paying off £44 a month at the moment and my interest is £30 a month. So far I’ve only paid off £300 and I have no idea the exact figure I have left to pay off… But I know it’s a lot.”