This fresher’s stepdad gave her beloved car away because she let it go mouldy

‘The car is called Polly and it’s all her fault’

A mucky first year left her car in such a mess her stepdad is giving it away to teach her a lesson.

Poor Ella Williamson left home to start uni at Brighton in September, regrettably abandoning her gold Peugeot 307.

It was so scratched and covered in mould, her petrolhead stepfather has decided to give it away to reader of his car magazine for free.

English student Ella, 20, said: “The car is called Polly, and it’s all her fault.

“It’s all quite embarrassing and I don’t know if my stepdad is actually going to give it away. I think he’s just taking the piss – he loves the attention. I’ve never seen him so happy, he’s usually miserable.”

ella w 1Unhealthy 307 giveaway 0011

Ella was shocked when she found out her stepdad James’ plan to ditch Polly the Peugeot – which has just 90,000 miles on the clock.

She added: “There was no food in the car, it was just dirty and a bit grimey. He didn’t clean it when I left, I had to go in such a rush. He just put it in storage for seven months.

“He text me saying I needed to clean it. I was busy working. It’s not like he continued to remind me. I thought it was disgusting anyway, especially the colour. I’m not taking the blame, I’m not a skank.

“I took it to a car wash once and loads of pieces fell off. The hub cabs came off, I was too embarrassed so I just drove off. It was a proper shit car.”

Unhealthy 307 giveaway 0001 Unhealthy 307 giveaway 0014

Cruel James Baggott is a self-confessed petrolhead and editor of SuperUnleaded motoring website.

He revealed the offer in a post titled: ‘We’re Giving Away The Most Disgusting Peugeot The World Has Ever Seen.’

He said: “Just how badly do you treat your car? I bet it isn’t as bad as this stinking, petri dish of McDonald’s infested filth my step daughter calls her wheels.

“The worst thing is these pictures were taken after I got a work experience lad to wash the car. She has left her car in our car park and I decided to give it away before it makes me throw up a bit in my mouth.

“To be honest we were tempted to burn it with fire. Or donate it to science for research purposes – because we’re pretty sure some of the mould could be weaponised.

“But then we thought what if someone wants it?

“If you win it, you come get it and take it away. Just wear gloves. And a Hazmat suit.

“If you want the car – and when you’ve read about it we’re pretty sure you’d rather have an STI, but still – all you’ll need to do is like our Facebook page and this post. And then when we’ve decided we’ve inflicted enough visual punishment on the internet we’ll let someone come and take it away.”

Unhealthy 307 giveaway 0010 ella w 2 Unhealthy 307 giveaway 0017

Ella’s story has since received national attention, much to her horror.

She said: “Have you seen the comments on MailOnline? They’re horrible, so barbaric. Calling me selfish, vein and ungrateful. One of them said I wasn’t even good looking – that’s not even relevant.”

If you, for some reason, want to own this car, click here.