Your ‘healthy’ green juice has more sugar than a LARGE DAIRY MILK

Why have green sludge when you can have a bar of chocolate?

Everybody is jumping on the juice cleanse band wagon whether its for health, energy or that famous summer bod. 

If you paid attention to the NHS, you’d probably know that your sugar RDA is between 50 and 70 grams.

Sipping on green juices is an easy alternative to getting your recommended five a day but it is also enough to give you a sugar rush.

If the colour hasn’t put you off already, take a look at these stats.

Naked Green Machine, 450ml – £2.60

Sugar content: 52g (11.5g per 100ml)

Equivalent to more than a 90g bar of Diary Milk chocolate

Bonus point: One pound of fruit in every bottle

Innocent Antioxidant, 360ml – £2.65

Sugar content: 44g (12g per 100ml)

Equivalent to a large strawberry milkshake

Bonus point: 10 per cent of profits always go to charity

Pret A Manger Green Goodness, 400ml – £3.49

Sugar content: 42.8g (10.7g per 100ml)

Equivalent to a 330ml can of Cherry Coke

Bonus Point: 0g of fat


Marks and Spencer Apple, Pineapple, Mango, Passion Fruit and Kale Drink, 250ml – £1.55

Sugar content: 26.25g (10.5 per 100ml)

Equivalent to a large scoop of Ben and Jerry’s Cookie Dough Ice Cream

Bonus Point: Rich in vitamin C

Sainsbury’s Pineapple, Pear and Kiwi Smoothie, 250ml – £1.35

Sugar content: 22.8g (9.1g per 100ml)

Equivalent to two and a half krispy kreme donuts

Bonus Point: two of your five a day

Costa Super Day, 250ml – £2.95

Sugar content: 22.5g (7.5g per 100ml)

Equivalent to a Starbucks’ hot chocolate with whipped cream

Bonus Point: 100 per cent pure ingredients

Eat Pure Green Raw, 250ml – £2.99

Sugar content: 20.75g (8.3g per 100ml)

Equivalent to a McDonalds’ Big Mac and a half pint of Bulmers Original

Bonus Point: Bottle is fully recyclable

would rather have a big mac

would rather have a big mac

Nina’s Savse Super Green, 250ml – £2.19

Sugar content: 14.8g (7.4g per 100ml)

Equivalent to one Malteaster bunny

Bonus Point: Under 100 calories per bottle

Most sugar: Naked Green Machine (52g)

Least sugar: Nina’s Savse Super Green (14.8g)

Highest price: Pret A Manger Green Goodness (£3.49)

Lowest price: Sainsbury’s Pineapple, Pear and Kiwi Smoothie (£1.35)