Sick of the same boring shots? It’s time to spice up your night

BACARDÍ Carta Fuego can bring the heat to your next night out

We’ve all been there, getting the squad together for the last drink as the taxi pulls up outside.

But after freshers week last year you’re probably sick of shots that taste like that oven cleaner you never use, mixed with suspiciously fluorescent energy drink.

Forget games of centurion and drinks you hate, it’s time to move onto something new.

BACARDÍ have unleashed a new shot, Fuego, a blazing red spiced rum spirit drink containing rum aged in torched barrels, all for our pleasure.

If you don’t study Spanish, it might be worth knowing Fuego means fire – a pretty accurate description.


Starting with a blast of heat as it hits your lips, Fuego transforms into a silky smoothness of vibrant cinnamon and nutmeg flavour as it goes down – a shot that won’t leave you gagging.

To win a bottle of BACARDÍ Carta Fuego to enjoy with your friends, all you need to do is comment on the video above, telling us what the hottest thing you’ve ever tried is. A few lucky winners will then be selected at random.

Add some heat to your night with BACARDÍ Carta Fuego, coming to a club near your uni soon.


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