Forget goldrush, you’re sitting on a goldmine with £6,000 of gear at uni

But do you have insurance?

Stingy scroungers who moan about their loan should look in their wardrobes, as it’s revealed you probably have over £6,000 of belongings at uni. 

In total, students across the UK own a whopping £8.46 billion of gear, the equivalent of 3,000 pints for every undergrad in the land.

Each undergrad owns on average 36 items of tech gear, amounting to roughly £2,000, including two laptops, two smartphones and three pairs of headphones.

Lucy Woodham, a Cardiff undergrad, thinks she owns around £5,000 of worldly goods at uni.

The 20-year-old said: “I definitely have too much stuff especially clothes. I only ever realise I have so much stuff when I’m moving out of my house back home and I have about eight huge moving bags full and about six of them are dedicated to clothes.”


Women own more clothes than men, with 70 items compared to just 44. The average student owns 61 items of clothing and footwear valued at just over £1,000.

The research, carried out by eBay, found Birmingham was the wealthiest. Your average Brum undergrad has almost £7,000 of stuff in their room.

Exeter was second with just over £6,500 worth of items.

Surprisingly, Cambridge and Oxford sat at the foot of the table, with £4,153 and £4,708 respectively.


A spokesperson for eBay said: “Students are under more financial pressure than ever before, so it’s surprising that more are not realising the value of their unwanted possessions.”