Education, Business and History of Art are the most STI-afflicted subjects

If you want an STI free night, go home with a classicist

We already know which unis have the most STIs — Oxford Brookes, Northumbria, Nottingham Trent — but what about subjects?

Using new data from our sex survey answered by 11,549 respondents, we can reveal the most STI-riddled subjects in the UK.

A filthy 15 per cent of Education students said they have had an STI before, followed by 11 per cent of those doing Business and nine per cent of art historians.

The purest subjects were Biology at six per cent, Dentistry at four and Classics with a clean three.

The infection that’s all the rage now is Chlamydia, the most popular STI to have among all our respondents, after Herpes, Gonorrhoea and Crabs.

See where your dirty subject ranks.

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