Are you bankrupting mum and dad? Parents encouraged to charge us rent

Experts claim over-18’s who live at home are forcing their family into debt

Let’s be honest, most of us get through uni with a bit of help from mum and dad.

All of us move home outside term time, and you might be planning to go back to your parents’ place after graduating.

But now debt companies are telling parents all over the country to charge you rent and extra cash for household bills whenever you go home.


These money experts are calling us the boomerang generation, suggesting that much like the Australian artifact, they can’t bloody get rid of us.

Research from website TopCashBack revealed a whopping three-quarters of parents whose children are over 18 have at least one overgrown kid living with them.

What’s more 42 per cent charge rent, and according to debt organisations that’s just not enough.


Of those who make their offspring pay up, the average rent is just £150 a month.

Jane Clack of PayPlan told the Daily Mail : “In this country we are renowned for a stiff upper lip, but the truth is that many parents are under emotional strain as a result of their debts.”

According to the data, 80 per cent of our good old ‘rents still buy our groceries and 60 per cent cook us dinner every night when we’re home.