You’re more likely to get a third based on what degree you study

Getting a third is like doing a walk of shame on graduation day, will it be you?

You might make fun of your mates for studying an easy subject but could your degree actually affect your grade?

Exam season is well underway and everyone’s cramming to avoid getting a dreaded King Richard (that’s a third) and it looks like some definitely have it easier than others.

New figures from the Higher Education Statistics Agency reveal which unis are dishing out the most King Richards.

It’s absolutely devastating news if you study Material Science: for what appears to be the most harshly marked subject in the country, a massive 15 per cent walked out with a third.

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But the stats come as no surprise for those who study the so-called “harder” subjects.

Maths, Architecture and Physics all had high levels of students receiving degrees they’d be ashamed to mention on their CV.

Just as you’d expect, humanities are still a breeze.

Apparently lounging around reading books all day is the best route to a strong degree, as just three per cent of English students got thirds.

Likewise only two per cent of historians and politicians came out with the worst possible degree classification.

Check out yours.

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