The hardest (and easiest) subjects to get into

You don’t have to be a genius to study Sociology


We all make fun of our mates who study a weird subject but did they actually have an easier time getting into uni than you?

New figures from the Complete University Guide reveal which subjects are letting you in with worse A-levels than Prince William.

It’s no surprise getting all touchy-feely with other people comes at a price, as Medicine and Dentistry had by far the highest entrance standards UK-wide.

Notoriously hard degrees in Maths and Chemistry were also difficult to get a place on.

In the battle of the tongues, German came out on top of French — and just like their nightclubs, the subject has a stricter entrance policy.

But it’s easier to get into some subjects than others.

They’ve been on the sour end of everyone’s jokes for years and they’re probably all writing their dissertations on trying to discover why.

And now it’s official: Sociology has the lowest entrance standards.

American Studies, Education and Drama were also at the bottom of the pile.

See where yours stands below — the rankings are based on the mean UCAS points required for each subject. An A at A Level counts for 120 points, a B is 100, a C is 80 and so on.