They’re the abs-olute best: Meet the bodybuilding hunks competing in the MASS final

They hit the gym so hard it cries

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They’re ripped, they can pose, and they love getting their kit off.

This weekend, the country’s muscliest bodybuilders go head to head for the annual MASS Student Physique Championship.

While you’ve been stuffing your face in deadline hell, these hunks have been hitting the gym on the quest to become the finest physical specimen they can be.

The competitors have already faced a long journey to this point, with only half the 100 applicants qualifying in Leicester and Southampton.

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He’s a young Braveheart

But the hard work is far from over, as they prepare to be put through their paces in London on Saturday for the final. They’ll be judged on their physique, their stage presence and personality.

Fifty competitors will compete in total, in categories ranging from Men’s Fresher and Women’s Bikini to Physique Short.

Last year’s winner and this year’s judge, Matt Sallis, has since gone on to be a cover model, so who knows what this year’s winner has in store.

The event’s creator, David Bissell, said: “It’s a showcase of the most healthy, athletic and fit students the UK has to offer.

“I hope the MASS SPC inspires others not only to lead a fit and healthy lifestyle, but proves it really is possible to do so while contending with essays and exams, and having some fun at the same time.”

Here are The Tab’s ones to watch.

Physique Tall: Daniel Olusina vs Josh Bridgman

Daniel Olusina

Daniel Olusina, Kent

Daniel: “I think the competition is a great way of showing how students over the course of this year have kept on top of their studies as well building impressive physiques. It’s definitely a good way of turning all the hours spent training into an impressive accolade.”

Daniel will also take on Feyi Oyebode in the Men’s Overall.

Josh Bridgeman

Josh Bridgman, Loughborough

Josh: “It’ll be a tough competition, and I’m not sure if I’ll win, but all I can do is bring my best package. Fingers crossed.”

Physique Short: Feyi Oyebode vs Josh Hetherington

Feyi Oyebode

Feyi Oyebode, University of Birmingham

Feyi wasn’t available to comment, as he was probably in the gym. We presume he likes the gym.

Feyi is also competing in Men’s Overall against Daniel Olusina.

Josh Hetherington

Josh Hetherington, Bournemouth

Josh: “For me, it’s not only about the winning. The competition has provided me with a fantastic opportunity to gain quality stage experience, while making friends with numerous amounts of competitors.”

Athletic: Tom Mangan vs Tom Vessey

Tom Mangan

Tom Mangan, DeMontfort

Tom: “I’m itching to get on stage, it has been a long journey but has got me into my best shape and taught me a lot about my own body. I’ve got a chance of winning but it’ll be very close on the day.”

Tom Vessey

Tom Vessey, Bournemouth

Tom: “The competition is a great experience and opportunity for students, getting up on stage is a real buzz. Obviously winning would be fantastic, but facing the challenge as a team has been even better.”

Fresher: George Morgan vs Ben Citak

George Morgan

George Morgan, Roehampton

George: “No one apart from close ones see what you do behind the scenes, and all the effort and time you have to dedicate. I have faith in God I’ll not only win my category, but win the overall title. When it comes to competitions like this, you can’t doubt yourself.”

Ben Citak

Ben Citak, Salford

Ben sadly couldn’t get back to us, but we’re sure he’s ready.

Women’s Overall: Hattie Moran Vs Emily Wilson

Hattie Moran

Hattie Moran, Westminster

Hattie: “My overall experience with MASS has been amazing and I’ve met some incredible people along the way. Whatever the outcome, I’ve learnt so much and thoroughly enjoyed the journey. Come Saturday, all the hard work has been done and getting onstage is everyone’s way of showcasing the time and effort put into prep.”

Emily Wilson

Emily Wilson, Coventry

Emily: “MASS is a fantastic platform to promote students who like to keep a healthy lifestyle, training hard and eating well, while still enjoying university life. It has created great opportunities to experience a high standard of competition, and to become a fitness model.”

The event will be held at University of London Student Central, “The Venue”, and begins at 11am. Tickets are available here and you can vote for your favourite competitor in advance on this Facebook page.