The Tories are the most popular political party at half of the country’s best unis

How very middle class


Dough-faced condom impersonator David Cameron will be rubbing his hands with glee – as new polls reveal his party has the most support at nearly half the country’s top universities.

Fourteen of the 30 universities surveyed were found to be voting Blue – many of them in the south of England.

Unsurprisingly, the undeniably rah universities such as Imperial College London, Exeter, Durham and Bath hold the highest percentage of finalists set to vote for the Conservative party, according to High Fliers.

Labour are in second spot with the support of 11 universities. A quarter of the students interviewed intend to vote Green, a sad six per cent are said to back Lib Dem and a foolish one per cent are set to vote for UKIP.


But the poll of 13,039 finalists also found graduating students will vote for Tories and Labour almost equally, with Ed Miliband edging it by just 0.2%.

31 per cent said they would vote Labour and the same for Conservatives.

22 per cent said that their friends think voting is a waste of time and the vote will not immediately affect their lives, so will not be partaking.

The Green party had significant success with a quarter of finalists said to support them – a triumph for good ol’ Natalie Bennett.

natalie bennet

You go, Nat

Managing director of High Fliers Research Martin Birchall said “Our research confirms first-time voters at the country’s top universities are set to vote for Labour and the Conservatives in almost equal numbers.

“There has also been a huge surge in support for the Green Party on campus.”


52 per cent said their main concern was voting for a government that would reduce the deficit and 53 per cent said they will not be voting for Lib Dems after their epic faux pas with university tuition fees.

Half the students who took part in the survey said they thought Labour is the best party to manage the NHS and run Britain’s public services. However, half also said that they do not think job prospects for young people would improve under a Labour government.

Two fifths of finalists were convinced that team Cameron would be able to manage Britain’s economy best.

It’s pretty much neck and neck between the red and the blue corner at the moment and will be settled May 7th.