What type of mobile phone addict are you?

Stop texting at the dinner table


It’s a fact: people are now spending 20 per cent of their life on their mobile phone. Up to ten hours a day are spent checking messages and snapping selfies, but we all know people who get a bit carried away.

If you really can’t live without your phone though, you should at least try to make some money while you use it. You probably check your phone at least 100 times a day, sometimes to look at your sorry bank balance. So why not earn some cash while you’re at it?

Sliide is a lock-screen app that pays you for unlocking your phone, replacing your boring stock image with content that will make you cash all while giving you useful information, interesting articles and the latest special offers and events.

If you like what you see, swipe left and find out more. The best part is Sliide will reward you with the money they get, just because you’re interested in something.

Foodie Flo

This girl keeps filling your Instagram with all her #foodporn pics, but the worst part is she can’t even cook. Over-cooked lasagne with some crusty garlic bread barely counts as food, let alone foodporn.


Horny Harry

Kim Kardashian may not have broken the internet but from the looks of it she broke this guy’s iPhone screen. If having a background of KK’s posterior wasn’t enough of a clue, this guy is all about smashing birds and downing pints.

When he has to retire from “the scene” because he’s got a girlfriend, after paying Tinder for extra swipes and sexting her till the early hours. he spends every social occasion showing his mates fit pictures of his bird as if he’s worried people won’t believe she exists otherwise.

Gym-ing Gemma

Her phone isn’t just a phone, it’s a workout buddy and essential gym companion. She’s got all her running mixes loaded on there as well as every fitness app under the sun.

You just wish she’d stop posting how far she ran on Facebook, or snapchatting you the park at 6 am to make you feel bad about yourself.


Loner Louie

You’re not sure if this guy lost all his friends in the club or if he’s just too shy to dance. All you know is that his elbows keep bashing into you as he stands swaying on the dancefloor, phone in hand, texting away despite the fact you know there’s no signal. If you’re in a club and think you need to text someone, go to the smoking area or, better yet, go home.


Unfortunately, there isn’t a known cure for any of these signs of mobile phone addiction. So if you or your mates find you’re phone addicts, download Sliide and earn some money.

Tom, 21, from Liverpool downloaded the app a few days ago. He told The Tab: “It’s great, you don’t even notice it’s there until you realise how much money you’ve earned.”

Swipe left if you’re interested, and right if you just want to unlock your phone. Whatever you do, you’re giving valid feedback and will get paid for it. One you hit £5 credit, you can cash out. You’ll also get credit by inviting your mates, so click here to download it and start making money from the following bad habits.

That way, there’ll at least be one positive from your crippling over-reliance on that rectangle in your pocket.

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