Drugged up guinea pigs given coke, ecstasy and weed then ‘sacrificed’

Is Old MacDonald their dealer?

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Sicko scientists are plying cute furry animals with coke and ecstasy in the name of research.

Boffs at Bristol, Cambridge, Cardiff and Imperial College London are getting rodents high to test the effects of drugs on their brains, before putting them down.

Over 4,600 rats, mice and guinea pigs have been injected with amphetamine, cocaine and other drugs as researchers investigate the effects of addiction.

In one experiment at Cambridge, tubes were inserted in live rats’ brains and pumped with coke.


Just chilling

Another twisted test saw mice repeatedly fed morphine at Bristol in research branded “inconclusive” by the Animal Justice Project.

Graeme Henderson, Professor of Pharmacology at Bristol, defended the inane experiment.

He told The Sunday Times: “The animals are sacrificed so we can look at their brains to see what happened.

“Generally, we use mice or other animals as proxies for humans.

“This is not driven by curiosity, but by medical need.”

Rats 2


But Claire Palmer from the Animal Justice Project, whose damning report revealed 170,000 animals were tested at Cambridge alone in 2013, said: “These cruel experiments reveal very little about the harmful effects of recreational drugs in humans.

“The differences between a mouse and a human are simply too great.”

A spokesperson for Cambridge added all research was scrutinised by its Animal Welfare and Ethical Review board.

He said: “Without the use of animals, we would not have many of the modern medicines, antibiotics, vaccines and surgical techniques we take for granted in both human and veterinary medicine.”