No more Saloufest? Future of tour under threat as spoilsport Spanish councillors withdraw support



Joyless council authorities want to pull the plug on the annual Saloufest because it damages their image.

After five good years of being pro-Saloufest, the town decided the financial gain they pocket from the boozy fortnight does not justify the havoc it wreaks on their reputation.

The glamorous resort town of Salou, which boasts 20C temperatures and golden beaches, hosts around 10,000 turbocharged revellers a year looking for discount fishbowls and delightful Spanish cobbles to throw them up on.


A humourless council letter complained hotels involved in the Easter festival were harming the town’s image and demanded they stop using the Salou name on their promotions.

The town mayor used to defend the 15-year-old institution and the €5 million they cash in on every year.



But now neighbouring town Reus where the sports events are held has also refused permission to use all pitches, complaining participants just turn up to drink and naked dash instead of compete.

Saloufest, a 15-year-old rite of passage for any sportsperson looking for a few days of sun-kissed partying, is organised by the British company I Love Tour — which organises a seven day itinerary from the 24-hour banter bus leaving the UK to huge nights out.

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