Live-streaming app Periscope is obsessed with the contents of your fridge

Watch the night before


In a world where social media inhibits every aspect of our everyday lives, it was only a matter of time before live-streaming apps would appear.

Periscope is a new app for Twitter users wanting to broadcast their everyday lives to hundreds of onlookers. It followed shortly after the release of Meerkat which is the exact same concept with a more complicated layout and a set-up which means your video cannot be saved. 

Periscope is linked to your twitter, losing the faceless nature of sinister of services like Chat Roulette.

You can watch someone walk down the streets of Paris, listen to a naive seven-year-old answer questions while on her dad’s iPhone and watch journalists deliver their daily broadcast. Fox News seem to love it.


Of course an app has to have a meme and Periscope might have one of the most eccentric memes yet. Periscopians like to look at your fridge. The popular page boasts multiple live streams of people talking you through their cheese drawer or showing you their brand of milk.

If you’re lucky, eggs might be smashed. Apparently this calls for highly interesting watching as non-fridge live streams are inundated with comments asking to see the fridge.



Although the idea seems a bit naff and slightly outdated (Omegle has been around since 2008) it might be a future tool for successful advertising. Twitter paid $100 million for it. Snapchat is a similar concept except it’s not a live feed, and McDonald’s, Heineken and NARS cosmetics just to name a few have started advertising with them.

It’s addictive, and as you can save streams ad broadcasts, catching up with the night before is set to become a lot easier.

So it could be just another fad like Keek was or it could be in for the long haul.