Rich kids have bigger brains

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Moneyed brats have the biggest brains, says a new study. 

Expert neuroscientists claim income is related to the overall surface area of your brain.

Analysts tested 1000 young people and found a correlation between your parents’ education and the size of your brain, as surface area increased for every extra year of education your parents had been through.

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A study published in the Nature Neuroscience journal found if your parents earned £17,000 or less your brain will be on average six per cent smaller than if your parents earned over £100,000.

Researcher Prof Elizabeth Sowell said: “Poverty is a problem. We’re now seeing this physical difference in the brain.

“In a family earning $25,000 or less the brain surface area was six per cent smaller than in families earning $150,000 or more.

“It is a small difference, but it is highly significant and much more prominent in children who are more disadvantaged economically.

“People with money can buy good food. They can get a better house in a better neighbourhood, with a safer environment. They can have better education, and better community support.”

Prof Elizabeth explained this doesn’t predetermine your future as in some cases the poorest children had brains as large as their wealthier peers.

She added: “Even among the poorest, some kids had brains like those whose families earned $300,000. Not every poor kid has a smaller brain than every rich kid.

“This is not static. It is not the case that if you are poor your brain is smaller for the rest of your life. We know that environment has a lot of impact.”