Fuzzy Banter: Tinder for the shy and unphotogenic

Like there aren’t enough of these


A blurry dating app has been launched for people who can’t take a good selfie.

The new app, endorsed by none other than Danny Dyer, will blur out your profile picture and force people to like you based on likes and interests.

As we’ve found out, it’s exclusively used by 30 something guys who all seem a bit creepy.

this guy is 38 and matched a 21 year old girl

This guy is 38 and matched a 21-year-old girl

The terribly named Fuzzy Banter has yet to garner a massive following and you can see why.

You complete a bio with age, height, and the all important star sign and the app only allows one picture to be uploaded.

saves on reading

Similar dating apps allow you to flick through someone’s photos, getting kicks from heartlessly swiping left. But Fuzzy Banter leaves very little satisfaction in cruelty.

Swiping left on a blurry photo takes something away from the whole experience. Plus they actually make you read the bio in order to make a judgement.

There is one feature we love however. Wingman offers you a bunch of conversation starters to get conversation flowing.

The makers may well have made this app for themselves if they think classic opening lines like “Have you been on holiday recently?” and “Are you DTF?” are going to work.

Are you DTF?

Take note Tinder

This app is only really for the touchy feely types, not for those just looking for a good time.