Nando’s goes posh with quinoa revamp today

Nom nom nom

High street chicken firm Nando’s has shaken up its menu with four new dishes.

The popular chain, famous with Beyoncé, David Cameron and even Manchester United starlet Adnando Januzaj, is going up market by adding a quinoa salad and sweet potato wedges as of today.

In the first big shake up in five years, Nando’s will now offer a Churrasco Thigh Burger for £7.95, a sweet and smokey burger with “succulent, flame kissed, boneless thigh fillets served in a Portuguese roll, filled with our new crunchy Fino Coleslaw, cheddar cheese and tasty churrasco PERinaise.”


As a healthier alternative to chips, sweet potato wedges will be on offer for £2.95, complete with a creamy coriander dip and, bizarrely, a pot of sesame seeds to dip them in. The coleslaw has been revamped, to make it crunchier and slightly spicier.

For those looking to cut down the calories for the summer, a posh quinoa salad with feta avocado and sweet potato on a bed of crispy salad leaves will cost you £6.95, or £9.50 if you want to add chicken.