Anti-aphrodisiacs: Foods which kills your sex-drive

Food babies are a massive turn off


Feel like getting frisky with a special someone or just the randomer you pulled in the club but just can’t be bothered?

If you find your libido lacking then switch up your diet plan.

Sexpert Dr Kat Van Kirk says there are certain chemicals in food that can affect your hormone levels in the opposite way classic oysters and chocolate can.


Dr Kat van Kirk


Flactulence is just never sexy. It’s all to do with those pesky indigestible sugars that will make you feel bloated and gassy. You won’t be able to digest them, making you feel sluggish and lazy.

Beans, Beans good for the heart


The chemicals found in microwave popcorn bags will stop you from getting it up when bae comes round for “Netflix and a cuddle”.


Fast food

Not only will that Domino’s make you feel bloated and give you massive food baby, but it will actually stop you from wanting a shag. Those nasty trans-fats will lower your libido for both guys and girls. A kebab might be the best thing in the world after a night out but not if you’ve pulled.

Garlic mayo

Much the same as fast food, but if the smell of your breath doesn’t put your prospective partner, it will kill your drive.

Even I'm getting hungry looking at this

Even I’m getting hungry looking at this


So you didn’t have fast food and went super healthy with a stir fry. But you covered it in soy sauce. It is well known in the Asian continent that soy will kill your libido, so much so that Japanese wives would serve their unfaithful husbands extra servings just to kill their sex drive.

soy proper


If you believe John Harvey Kellogg, a plain, bland, meatless breakfast will stop your “urges”. So along with corn flakes you might want to avoid granola as well. Both guys who invented these cereals wanted to kill our libidos.

Your breakfast is killing your boner

Your breakfast is killing your boner