Silver spoon poshos snap up the best internships

How marvellous

Little Johnnies and Camillas are more likely to have an easier time bagging top internships, according to a new study.

A stunning 72 per cent of those from privileged backgrounds admit to using family connections to secure jammy work placements, revealing a huge opportunities gap depending on the number of barrels in your name.

Internships are far easier to nab for well-heeled rahs, says a report from the Debrett’s Foundation — which also found 32 per cent of private schoolkids enjoyed sought-after London placements, more than double of those who went to state school.


And 47 per cent of those from worse-off backgrounds did not go for internships in London because their families could not afford the living costs.

This comes after employment gurus said the key to getting a top grad job after uni hinges on doing work placements before graduating.

Chief Exec of Debrett’s Joanna Milner said: “With young people having to complete seven work-experience placements before finding the job they want, it’s safe to say ‘Intern Britain’ is here to stay.

“Securing the right placement is difficult, considerably more so if you don’t have the right connections.

“Nepotism isn’t any more widespread than it was in the past, but it has a greater impact today.

“There are so many candidates for the top graduate jobs — it follows that those with the best experience have a better chance of securing them.”

The report also showed a gender pay gap on internships as boys pocket an average £116 a week while girls earn just £88.