If you study Engineering you’re more likely to be a billionaire

And they’ve made it into Forbes

Savvy engineers are the most likely to earn the big bucks, with over a fifth of the 100 wealthiest people studying it at uni.

This is twice as many billionaires as the next most popular course business, according to Forbes.

Engineers in the top 100 have an average wealth of £17.3 billion, compared to the £15.1 billion average for those who studied finance, and earn 55 per cent more than design and creative arts grads six months after leaving university.

Looking into a prosperous future

The report by Approved Index also found your future salary can depend on your university. According to research by the Sutton Trust, Oxbridge graduates have a starting salary £7,600 higher than their peers from other universities.

However, engineering isn’t the best life path for making it big, as almost a third of the world’s top billionaires did not attend university, meaning that school drop-outs may have an even better chance.

Both Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates started their businesses without degrees, and they now have a combined value of £75.4 billion.

Amy Catlow, director of Approved Index, said these findings prove “that in order to have a thriving and diverse economy, we need to encourage a varied range of specialisms.”

Engineering is historically less popular than arts subjects, with only 19 per cent of girls who achieved an A* in GCSE physics continuing at A-level. For boys, the figure was just under half.