These no-nonsense feminists are registering to vote and think you should too

What would Pankhurst think?

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The deadline to register to vote is in less than a month. We asked some campus feminists why they registered to vote and why they think you should too.

No need to burn your bra, click here to register to vote.

Katriana Ciccotto, second year at Liverpool, History and Hispanic Studies

“I wasn’t going to vote this year. Despite being old enough, I thought it would be unfair for me to vote as I don’t pay taxes yet.

“Plus, I don’t really consider myself a politics boffin. But I recently watched a documentary on the Suffragette movement.

“It reminded me of the sickly horrors those women went through so people like me can have a political voice.

“I am voting this year because Sister Pankhurst fought our battle, and she did not waste her time on me.”

Politics boffin or not, it’s important you register to vote. 

Leah Clark, first year at Warwick, English

“Women have fought for my right to vote and I believe it is my duty to use it.

“Emmeline Pankhurst would be turning in her grave if I didn’t.”

It takes less time to register than queuing for club cloakrooms.

Jasmine James, third year at Warwick, History

“It’s important to exercise the right to vote, especially being a woman in an age where feminism is such a contentious topic.”

Your great-grandmother probably fought for your right to vote. Do her proud, register now.

Laura Fenwick, second year at Northumbria, English Literature

“It’s a cause close to my heart, as Emily Davison, a women suffrage activist was from my hometown of Morpeth.

“Nowadays, we take the vote for granted and we shouldn’t, as it’s something people, especially women, fought so hard for.”

Are you from Morpeth? Register to vote now.

Izzy, second year at Bristol, English Literature

“Equality can only come when we reject personal political anger in favour of collective responsibility to make society fairer. That’s why it’s important we all register to vote.”

Drinking game: last person to register downs their drink.