More artists have tried anal than any other subject and philosophers love S&M

The results are in


Forty-eight per cent of artists have tried anal sex, 10 per cent of engineers have had a threesome and economists love role play, according to the results of our sex survey. 

11,549 students responded to our steamy poll and now we can reveal the sex habits of each subject.

The kinkiest are philosophers, English students and artists as over 27 per cent of them say they have tried S&M.

Anal final

You all said your favourite position is doggy style — except for naughty dentists and vets, who prefer to ride cowgirl in the bedroom.

There are also 1812 sex tapes out there — engineers are the keenest producers as seven per cent of them have made a raunchy video.

The stats reveal a surprising 535 cases of fisting. And chemists and politicians are most responsible for this.

More than one in 10 students have been in a threesome and engineers are largely responsible for this — over 13 per cent of Education students, computer scientists and art historians claim to have engaged in a three-way.


Linguists and physicists are also the most likely to have a full-on orgy — two per cent of them said they had participated in group sex.

And economists are the most into role play as 11 per cent try to use sex to escape the mundanity of their existence.