Girls are having more sex but boys are hooking up with more people


Girls are having more sex than guys, but not with as many people.

The number for men was higher with an average of 9 partners in comparison to 7.5 for girls.

Nine per cent of boys have had more than 25 bedroom buddies in comparison to five per cent of women.

But girls are having more sex, with 15 per cent saying they had copped off between 11 and 20 times in the last thirty days, and 11 per cent shagging more on more than 20 occassions.

This drops to 13 per cent for guys in the 11-20 bracket, and 10 per cent for 20 and over. More than a quarter of men had not had sex in the last 30 days.

Boys and girls tended to lose their virginity at the same age, with equal amounts saying either 16 or 18. Both sexes favoured the doggy style position, with a third calling it their go-to move.

You’re also similarly adventurous, with equal levels of people trying role play and making sex tapes. Men were more keen to do anal whereas girls opted for more S&M.

But women are more insecure about their bodies. While 70 per cent said they were happy with their breasts, 86 per cent of guys said they were pleased with the size of their penis.

More men also thought they were really good at sex.