Ranked: How many virgins are there at your uni?

Bae I’m ready for you

The age you lose your virginity obviously has an enormous impact on your social standing and how you should be perceived by your peers.

With this in mind, we quizzed the 11,549 students who filled out our sex survey how old they were when they lost their virginities — and if they had still not had sex.

The purest uni was Lancaster – where one in ten students were yet to pop their cherry.

Kent and Royal Holloway followed closely with nine per cent of respondents saying they had never been laid.

And the unis with the smallest percentage of virgins appear to be Sussex, Leeds Beckett and Kingston, with a virtuous rating of just one per cent.

The national average appears to be five per cent. See where your uni stands below.

Virgin percentages FINAL notts

The most common ages when you lost your virginity varied from 18 down to 15 in some places.

And slightly more disturbing is the percentage of students who said they lost their virginities aged 13 or younger — Manchester Met, Aston and Ulster came top at six per cent.