Watch this Roehampton second-year read mean tweets

He’s also been on Question Time

Meth-addict pigeon lookalike Joey Barton might just be the most-hated undergraduate in the country.

Over the course of his footballing career, Barton has become a target for abuse from fans at plenty of clubs (sometimes even his own), so it’s no surprise that the Roehampton second-year’s twitter mentions reads like a definitive guide to working-class vulgarisms.


Philosophy second-year Joey Barton also plays for QPR

BT Sport decided to get the philosopher and midfield maestro to read out some of his mean tweets. If you thought some of the comments Tab writers get are bad, you’ve clearly never seen a mega-rich professional athlete trying to process that somebody wasn’t impressed by his beard.

Before he starts, Barton tells the camera: “Hopefully I don’t get too emotional and break down and start crying.

“I want them to be really mean. If you’re going to offend someone, really offend them, don’t go half-hearted. Get after them.”

'Countinho': Barton was quick to tear apart any tweets lacking perfect spelling and grammar

‘Countinho’: Barton was quick to tear apart any tweets lacking perfect spelling and grammar

Unfortunately the finest Twitter trolls turn out to be completely incapable of clearing this admittedly quite-high bar, with Barton incredibly unimpressed by their attempts to rile him.

Even comparing the England international’s philosophy knowledge to a GCSE student wasn’t enough to make him lose his cool.

Going to his happy place

Going to his happy place

Barton ends the video with a withering put-down for all the haterz: “That’s not even that offensive, you’ve barely scratched the surface of what I can take.”

Quick to impress, one YouTube commenter has already weighed in to let Barton know he’s a “fucking wanker and the most average player I’ve ever seen”.