The Daily Mail says you’ll lose your libido by your mid twenties

Women will lose all confidence by 25, apparently

Frigid puritans at the Daily Mail claim women experience their lowest sexual confidence at just 25-years-old.

And despite most girls losing their virginity at 16, ideally they would wait till 20 if they wanted a more fruitful life.

Durham grad and regular contributor to glossy mags Tanith Carey said a girl’s bedroom nerve will hit a low point in their mid-twenties.

She wrote: “You may not be able to tell from looking at pop star Taylor Swift, but 25 is the lowest point for a woman’s sexual confidence, due to worries about not having the perfect body and comparisons with how other women perform in bed.”


Carey also said while girls should lose their virginity at 16, it will take another two years for her to experience her first orgasm with a partner.

In collusion with researchers at the University of Texas, the Daily Mail revealed women are more likely to wait till their early twenties to enjoy the best sex of their life, despite being active in the sack for four years.

They said: “Ideally Those who waited to have their first lover were better educated, went on to have better paid jobs enjoyed more satisfying marriages.”

During the most enjoyable years of sex, you’ll even be able to adjust to eating anchovies as your taste buds become stronger and stop regenerating as quickly.

After falling in love on average four times, women will settle down by the age of 27.