You’ve had an average of 8.2 sexual partners, according to our study

Good for you


The average student has had 8.2 sexual partners so far, says our new research.

The results from our sex survey — in which 11,549 students were quizzed about their sexual habits — reveal a healthy average of eight different shags.

The data also shows 14 per cent of you have had sex over 10 times in the last month but the highest number polled (27 per cent) said they’re going through a 30 day dry spell.

And most of you (22 per cent) didn’t lose your virginity until you were 18 — was that not out of choice or were you just waiting for the right person?

Our responses showed the next most popular age to lose your virginity was aged 16, followed by 17 (19 per cent) and 15 (15 per cent).

More than six per cent of those polled claimed they first had sex at 14 and just over 1.5 per cent said they did aged 13 or younger.

Five per cent said they’re still massive virgins.