How cheap is a pint of Guinness at your uni?

The national average is £3

It’s St Patrick’s Day, which means you should already have got through a few pints of Guinness by the time you read this. However, how much you’ll have spent on those rounds will vary wildly depending on where you go to uni.

A Tab survey of popular boozers has discovered scholars in Durham enjoy some of the cheapest pints of Guinness in the UK.

A beer at one of the college bars in the northern city costs £1.55, just over half the national average of £3.00.

We know you only drink it once a year

Predictably, the steepest numbers are reserved for students in the capital. There you’re looking at an eye-watering £3.90 for a Guinness to sup on while telling anyone who’ll listen how you’re actually an eighth Irish from your dad’s side – more than twice the amount those lucky Durhamites fork out.

Considering the grim realities of the winters up there though, perhaps think of the discount on each pint as an environmental tax rebate.

Such latitudinal discounts end there, however, as the survey highlighted some tough news for Scottish students – Glasgow and Edinburgh drinkeries will typically demand £3.50 for a pint, while Aberdeen is the third most expensive city of the 22 analysed, coming in behind Cambridge and London at £3.75 for a jar.

Check the league table below to find out how good a deal you’re getting at your local.