If you went to private school you’re more likely to get better grades at uni

Mother will be pleased


Public school Johnnies and Camillas fare better at uni as they scoop a higher percentage of top grades than state school kids.

Twenty-one per cent of students whose parents paid for their education bag firsts, compared to 20 per cent of state schoolers.

And 61.1 per cent of the lucky other half achieved a 2.1 but only 51.6 per cent managed the same, according to the data wizards at the Higher Educations Statistics Agency.

Public school grades graf

But when it comes to scoring dunce grades, 23.3 per cent of non-fee paying school kids manage 2.2s and 4.8 per cent of them get thirds.

Compare this to the 15.5 per cent of laughing private schoolboys and girls who get 2.2s and the 2.1 per cent who get thirds.

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