This third year legend can open a beer with just a sheet of paper

And he can drink it


It’s not often you find yourself in the presence of a hero but this English finalist can crack open frosty cold beers with just a sheet of paper and a can-do attitude.

Champion Rhys Morgan, a Cardiff third year, posted a video of himself popping open a delicious lager with a folded piece of 90 GSM paper — and it’s already been viewed over a million times.

Watch this 21-year-old megastar in action.

Top bloke Rhys uses his party-trick to astound family and friends.

He said: “It’s always gone down very well at my girlfriend’s family gatherings.

“They seemed very impressed when I showed them how to do it. I think one of her family members said it was something like ‘the coolest party trick ever’.

“So I made a video doing it yesterday and posted on a Reddit thread about useless party skills. I got three up-votes.

“Then I checked later in the day and suddenly it was on 7000 views. I went to show my girlfriend and it was on 32,000. Now it’s on 1.2 million.

“I’m texting my girlfriend every five minutes with the new statistics from the YouTube analytics site. She thought it was funny at the beginning but not so much now.”


Rhys, who opens a Cubanisto in the video, isn’t phased by the haters doubting his bottle-opening skills.

He said: “Haters are going to hate. I’ve got people saying the paper had a really high GSM but it’s 90 GSM.

“Others are saying it’s a bottle with a twist-off cap but we don’t have those in Britain. I’ve never seen one.”

Rhys 3

Rhys’, whose favourite beer is Cobra, says he’s going easy on the booze right now because of his studies.

He said: “Sadly I can’t drink that much any more with my dissertation looming.

“And I can’t drink them quickly like I could back in my youth in first year so I tend to just open them for other people these days, it seems.”

Rhys 2

Reflecting on his new-found fame, Rhys added: “I think I’ve peaked. It’s never going to get better than this.

“It’s weird, I haven’t really done any work. It’s not even that great a video.”